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I bet that when Mike Little commented on Matt Mullenweg‘s B2 blog ten years ago, he didn’t realize what the both of them were about to start, which was nothing short of a revolution! Their brainchild is what we’ve come to use and love and know as WordPress. From the bottom of my heart: thank you Matt and thank you Mike for starting this thing.

It is hard to comprehend what that comment has started; you just need to look at the numbers of families it feeds, mine being one of them. Today, WordPress turns 10 and people all over the world are celebrating this milestone. There are more than 670 parties or get-togethers being organized via Meetup.com alone, but I imagine that the total count is even bigger.

The  WordPress 10th Anniversary site, showing it’s full glory today, is a beautiful demonstration of the impact WordPress has on so many of us. So go and celebrate WordPress’ anniversary today, in any way, shape or form that suits you best.

WordPress has made a huge impact on my life in so many ways; it gave me a beautiful piece of software to work with (duh!), made me meet great friends, travel the world and I got to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

How has WordPress made an impact on yours?

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