WordPress Performance Audit

Are you tired of dealing with a slow website that is frustrating for both you, you client, or your visitors? This can be a major pain point for anyone running a website, as slow loading times can lead to lost visitors and revenue. Time to make your site fast!

Not sure where the real pain points lie, though? Is it your hosting? Is it a plugin? A theme? A combination? I can help.

So what’s the solution? I offer a wide range of services designed to help you speed up your website and improve its performance. And it all starts with a scan.


Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is designed to look at your hosting stack and your WordPress stack. The Quick Scan checks which plugins you are using, and determines which ones are slowing you down.



Deep Scan

The Deep Scan continious where the Quick Scan ends. It takes a full deep dive into the actual code running your WordPress site. The Deep Scan looks for ways to optimize it for raw performance and scale.


Don’t let a slow and unscaling website hold you back any longer. My scans provide actionable insights into where performance gain is to be found. You’ll have a good understanding of where to focus on first. Every scan I deliver is accompanied by a video meeting explaining and guiding you through whatever the next next steps are.

What Others Say:

Our brand new website looked good, but was very slow. We tried several things, unfortunately to no avail. Remkus showed us where the causes were and which measures really make a difference.

Patrick Mollet


Working with Remkus was amazing. Communication could not have been better. He was thorough, detail-oriented, and results driven. We received a comprehensive report from him that he explained until I truly understood my next steps. Highly recommended.

Corey Maass


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