WordPress Fundamentals

The best way to Learn how to use WordPress

Welcome to WordPress Fundamentals – an ongoing beginner’s course for learning how to use WordPress. It’s 100% free, publicly accessible, and packed with examples, and sample projects.

In this course, we’ll begin with an empty WordPress dashboard and guide you through the fundamentals of creating pages with media and style elements.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to utilize all of WordPress’s features.

Hi there, I’m Remkus de Vries and I am a WordPress specialist since 2006. I’ve been working with WordPress exclusively ever since, and I focus on Business Performance for WordPress sites mostly. Performance, conversion.

My WordPress Fundamentals course is my attempt to create the best beginner’s guide to WordPress on the internet.

I believe in providing free, top-notch content for beginners. My philosophy is to offer valuable WordPress resources without any cost. For more advanced courses, such as my comprehensive How to Make WordPress Fast series, there will be a charge.

Here, you’ll come across links to all the materials for the course, as well as the individual lessons. Every lesson is accompanied by a comprehensive video, and a text version that includes things like reference tables, screenshots, and additional resources.

Remkus de Vries