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A blog post with the title ‘Translating Genesis’ could’ve easily been about Nephilim and / or Sons of the Gods… but no. Not this time ;-). This post is about translating the WordPress Genesis Framework into your native tongue.

For quite a while I have been helping people out in the translations section of the Genesis Support forum as a translations expert, but  one thing that people seemed to find difficult is uploading the (proper) .mo and .po files to the proper folder. Even the little hack I provided in the Genesis tutorials appeared to be too difficult for most people not too familiar with code.

So.. a plugin to the rescue right? Right! Introducing the Genesis Translations plugin. This plugin will take all the hassle away and automagically translate Genesis. Just like that.

Currently the following languages are included:

  • Dutch – nl_NL (Nederlands)
  • German – de_DE (Deutsch)
  • French – fr_FR (Français)
  • Spanish – es_ES (Español)
  • Italian – it_IT (Italiano)
  • Finnish – fi
  • Swedish – sv_SE
  • Indonesian id_ID
  • Portuguese-Brazilian – pt_BR
  • Polish – pl_PL ( 96% ready )
  • Hebrew – he_IL ( 95% ready )
  • Japanese – ja( 84% ready )
  • Romanian – ro_RO ( 84% ready )

I will be updating the plugin frequently and not just when Genesis updates. I  also plan to update the plugin when important improvements to translations have been made and when additional languages are ready enough to be added.

So, what if your native tongue is not currently included? Easy, just register yourself at the StudioPress Translation site and with that username you can start translating Genesis here – after I have added your language as a project.

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8 responses to “Translating Genesis; the easy way”

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  2. tempoky Avatar

    Finally i have just translated Turkish language. When will you add this language to your plugin?

    1. Remkus Avatar

      By the looks of it I will probably release an updated version next week and I’ll be sure to add the Turkish translation to it!

  3. Bert Geens Avatar

    Thank you so much – this has to be the easiest translation I’ve ever gone through. Hartelijk bedankt!

  4. notafish Avatar

    Hi there, thanks for this plugin. Question: Is it possible to adapt the translation for a specific language and have it stick across updates? For example, I’d like to have “blabla” instead of “commentaires” for the post_comments output, and I’d like to have it even when I update the plugin (which I suppose overrides manually edited .po and .mo files). Is that what the empty /languages folder is for in the plugin root? Thanks for your help.

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  6. Micha McLain Avatar

    Hey… these instructions seems to miss one huge aspect of translation. I installed this plugin, but no where is there an option page or anything for me to choose what language to go to.

    Additionally, what about running a site in multiple languages so that I can have an english and spanish version selectable by the user?

    I have this plugin installed, I just don’t know what to do from here. Thanks!


    1. Remkus Avatar

      Hmm, I think you’re missing one huge aspect of this plugin 🙂 It provides a translation based on your settings in either `wp-config.php` or whatever you have set in the general Settings in WordPress. It doesn’t need a settings page as it sits.

      So, if you’re running a site in multiple languages this plugin should just provide translations just fine.

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