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Whenever I feel challenged and find myself in a situation where I’m only focussed inward I quickly become aware that I need to find perspective again. You know, to look at the outside world again and get some perspective. Perspective, to me, is that one ingredient that helps me stay in touch with the grander scheme of things. Of life, really. Perspective – of any kind – helps me become aware of what’s really important to me again. It helps me focus on what I’ve got in front of me without feeling challenged

If I really went for it, I could probably list a whole bunch of solutions of how I go about finding perspective again – and maybe someday I will – but that’s not today. Today I just want to share one of the simplest hacks I use to find perspective again. For me watching a video that reminds me how small we (and whatever problems we think we see) are in comparison to what’s all out there.

This a video that does just that.

What’s your favorite way to get perspective again?

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