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  • Changing Priorities

    One of the motos engrained in me growing up is that you finish what you started. Not meant for silly little things, but anything with consequence. So, writing out the decision I came to two weeks back doesn’t come easy to me. But it’s time. Let me explain. I’d been co-organizer of WordCamp Netherlands 2009…

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  • WordCamp Soltau Recap

    Last weekend Taco, Karin and I from team Yoast attended a new kind of WordCamp. A WordCamp Retreat. Located in the North of Germany we experienced a very relaxed WordCamp with some interesting differences from your regular WordCamps. I’ve written a full recap for WP Tavern which was published this morning, and this is one…

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  • WordCamp Europe: For The Greater Good

    Back in 2008 when I started to take over and clean up the mess that was the admin side of things of the Dutch WordPress releases, forums and translations, I got to know this one fellow who was helping me out a great deal. Zé and I got to talking —more like slow chatting via…

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  • Looking forward to WordCamp Transylvania

    I’m very much looking forward to WordCamp Transylvania-where I’ll be speaking-this weekend. This will be my first visit to Romania and I’m especially looking forward to roaming where once count Vlad roamed. Also very much looking forward in meeting my WordPress buddies again. Should be fun 😉

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  • 10 Things you did not know about WordPress

    One thing I love equally as much as WordPress is sharing (my) knowledge. If I’m asked to share my knowledge about WordPress then I’m most definitely winning. Big time. Recently I was asked to speak at WordCamp Sevilla in Spain, which I gladly did. WordCamp Sevilla was a two day event and I got to…

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