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Inside WordPress is your favorite non-typical WordPress related newsletter. It’s written from a personal point of view, and mostly touches on topics inside the WordPress Community. But there are topics touching other “developer related” topics as well.

The newsletter mentions things like new plugins that stand out, to highlighting what’s going on in the WordPress Community in general. The newsletter tries to catch the zeitgeist as much as possible. All while avoiding to regurgitating the WordPress news everyone else covers.

All newsletter issues are published here on the site as well.

Inside WordPress in numbers

There are currently 950+ active subscribers with an open rate averaging around 62,6% and a click rate of approximately 29,2%. The newsletter is also actively shared on Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, and LinkedIn. The largest reach is happening on Twitter with a current follower count of 11.1K+.

What the newsletter offers

The newsletter allows for two different sponsor positions.

  1. The Sponsor Intro position is part of the first two opening paragraphs of the newsletter. This main sponsor position will be promiment and blended in the intro organically.
  2. The Sponsor Highlight position is positioned in the middle of the newsletter.

Additionally, each newsletter will allow for a maximum of two general highlights. These will be text based and may contain a maximum of two (different) links.

As a sponsor, you would also have the following extra benefits available to you:

  • You will be highlighted on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon mentions. Facebook is optionally also available, but generally buried too much by Facebook for it to be relevant.

Your Investment

The above outlined looks like this:

Sponsor OptionsPrice per edition for 4 or more reservationsPrice for 1 Edition
Sponsor Intro$125$150
Sponsor Highlight$95$125
General Highlight$75$100
Full Take Over$275$325
Prices are invoiced in € (euro)

Sponsoring of social content is also an option and has the same pricing structure as the Full Take Over rates mentioned above.


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