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Over on Webdesignerdepot John O’Nolan just published a nice overview of what’s happening with the reorganization of WordPress.org. It’s a nice overview where we get an insight in what’s going on right now and what the WordPress 3.org project is all about. It’s great to see WordPress moving forward in this way but there’s an area not spoken of that I’d love to see included; the mailing lists.

I know, at some point in time those mailinglist (WP Hackers, WP Testers, WP Polyglots) were the best and easiest solution to deal with a lot of issue, but personally I think it’s time to move on. I’m mostly active in the Dutch WordPress community as a forum moderator, site admin and responsible of the translation commits and in that capacity I’ve had to work a lot with the WP Polyglots mailing list lately. Not a perfect solution at all when you have a lot of questions and get a lot of answers.

What’s great about the guys behind WordPress is that most of the time you come with a decent suggestions they are willing to listen and that’s exactly what happened this weekend. As soon as Peter suggested it and agreed upon it being a good idea the site was born. That’s how swiftly it can go. The WP Polyglot mailinglist got ‘rerouted’ to a dedicated site on WordPress.com called WPPolyglots.wordpress.com. Again, another great example of how wonderfully the P2 theme works in these kinds of settings.

All questions regarding the translation of WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress but also questions concerning setting up a country site and forum should now be addressed here. And the great thing about it is that it’s so much easier to share the knowledge in this way. I’m working on a Resources page where all the proper Codex pages will be listed plus a list with the best course of actions to make translating a happier process.

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