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Within WordPress with Remkus
Within WordPress with Remkus
Talking with Mario Peshev about the WordPress Ecosphere and Economy

In this episode of the Within WordPress podcast, Mario Pechev discusses his experience in the WordPress community and the challenges faced in the e-commerce space. Mario introduces himself as a hybrid professional with expertise in various roles such as developer, consultant, business advisor, and serial entrepreneur. He is well-known for founding DevriX, a top 20 WordPress agency worldwide.

Mario reflects on his journey in the WordPress space, starting from building his first static website in 1999 to transitioning into freelancing and working with different platforms and tools. He mentions his involvement with large brands and publishers, highlighting the diverse technical stack used by larger businesses.

The conversation then shifts towards the challenges faced in the e-commerce space. Mario mentions the layoffs happening in companies like Amazon and Shopify, indicating movement and changes in the industry. He also discusses the impact of factors like AI, innovations, and the recession on the e-commerce market.

Mario explains that while DevriX primarily focuses on WordPress, they also work with other platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the diverse technical stack used by different businesses, especially larger brands.

The discussion then delves into the problems within the WordPress ecosystem. Mario highlights issues such as the outdated WordPress admin dashboard, the challenges with the Gutenberg editor, and the lack of adoption among younger users. He suggests that WordPress needs to address these issues and focus on improving the user experience and modernizing the platform.

Mario also discusses the competition WordPress faces from other platforms like Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and others. He mentions the need for WordPress to adapt and evolve to stay relevant in the changing landscape of web development. Mario believes that WordPress still has its strengths, such as its resilience and scalability, but it needs to address the existing problems and work towards attracting new users and developers.

In conclusion, Mario emphasizes the importance of addressing the challenges faced by WordPress and the e-commerce space. He encourages the community to work together to solve these problems and adapt to the changing needs of users and businesses. Mario believes that by focusing on improving the user experience, modernizing the platform, and promoting WordPress as an application framework, the ecosystem can thrive and continue to be a leading force in the web development industry.

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