Community Building & WordPress Journeys: A Chat with Raquel Manriquez

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Within WordPress with Remkus
Within WordPress with Remkus
Community Building & WordPress Journeys: A Chat with Raquel Manriquez

Join us in this inspiring episode of Within WordPress as we dive deep into the heart of the WordPress community with our special guest, Raquel. Known for her pivotal role in organizing WordCamp Phoenix and her dynamic presence in WordPress circles across the globe, Raquel shares her captivating journey from co-founding a WordPress agency to becoming a celebrated Community Manager at Elegant Themes.

In This Episode:

🌐 Raquel’s Global WordPress Footprint: Discover how Raquel’s passion and involvement have shaped WordCamp events from Phoenix to Europe. 🚀 Journey to WordCamp Organization: Listen to the stirring story of how Raquel transitioned from a volunteer to a leading organizer, driven by her love for the community.

💼 Entrepreneurship & WordPress: Raquel opens up about her entrepreneurial journey during the housing crisis, leading to the birth of a successful WordPress agency. 🌟 Elegant Themes & The Divi Community: Get an insider’s view of Raquel’s role in nurturing the vibrant Divi community and her approach to community management.

🌍 The Diversity of WordPress Communities: Explore the unique cultures and vibes of WordPress communities across different regions and the unifying spirit of WordPress.

This episode is not just a podcast; it’s a celebration of the WordPress community’s spirit and the individuals who make it extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a WordPress enthusiast, or just curious about the world of web development, Raquel’s story will inspire, inform, and invigorate your passion for WordPress.

🎧 Tune in now to “Within WordPress” and be part of this enlightening conversation. Your journey into the heart of the WordPress community starts here!

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2 responses to “Community Building & WordPress Journeys: A Chat with Raquel Manriquez”

  1. Kurt von Ahnen Avatar

    Raquel was one of the first folks the LifterLMS team introduced me to at WordCampUS San Diego. She is awesome, and part of the reason I volunteered at the Phoenix WordCamp in 2023.

    I made a colossal mistake at the after party and called her “Rachel” instead of Raquel and not sure if she ever forgave me 😉 Great lady and huge asset to the community.

    1. Remkus Avatar

      She truly is a gem, isn’t she.

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