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Within WordPress with Remkus
Within WordPress with Remkus
Making WordPress Core faster with Jonny Harris

The very first Within WordPress podcast is with Jonny Harris. Jonny is a WordPress Core Performance team member and as such responsible for some of the lastest performance improvements.

🚀 Ready for a deep dive into the world of WordPress performance? 🚀

Join us in our latest YouTube video, where we chat with the legendary Jonny Harris, a long-time WordPress contributor, XWP developer, and performance optimization guru. 🌟 With over a decade of experience in the WordPress ecosystem, Jonny shares his journey from blogger to core contributor and how his obsession with performance has driven him to make WordPress faster for millions of users worldwide. 🌍

In this video, Johnny discusses:

🔸 His early days as a blogger and how it led to his career in WordPress
🔸 His passion project – WordPress Core Performance
🔸 The impact of Gutenberg and Full Site Editing on performance
🔸 The tools and techniques used to identify and fix performance issues

Not just that, Jonny also shares some of his success stories, like massively reducing page load times with small code changes, and the environmental benefits of improving performance. 💻🌱

Whether you’re a WordPress newbie or a seasoned developer, this video is packed with valuable insights on how to optimize your sites for speed and efficiency. 🏎️💨 Don’t miss out!

Let’s make the web lightning-fast together!

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