This plugin translates your Genesis powered WordPress site easily with one of the available languages. No need to fuss about with your functions.php file or uploading .mo and .po files. Just install this plugin et voilá!

Currently the following translations are available for Genesis 1.8.x:

  • Danish – da_DK
  • Dutch – nl_NL
  • Italian – it_IT
  • German – de_DE
  • Finnish – fi
  • Romanian – ro_RO
  • Vietnamese – vi_VI
  • Bulgarian – bg_BG
  • Swedish – sv_SE
  • Spanish – es_ES
  • French – fr_FR
  • Indonesian – id_ID
  • Turkish – tr_TR
  • Greek – el_GR (90%)
  • Hebrew – he_IL (95% ready)
  • Polish – pl_PL (89% ready)
  • Portuguese – pt_PT (88% ready)
  • Portuguese-Brazilian – pt_BR (88% ready)
  • Hungarian – hu_HU (86% ready)
  • Japanese – ja(77% ready)
  • Chinese – zh_CN (68% ready)
  • Icelandic – is_IS (front-end only)

You can download the plugin at the WordPress repo.

This plugin only works on the Genesis Framework.


    • says

      I assume you are referring to the translation section over at StudioPress 😉 When you have an account for that GlotPress installation you can, when logged in, find an export functionality on the bottom left of a project. Export the .po and .mo files and rename to the proper language code.

  1. mariah says

    Sorry for the basic question, but where do I add the translator option? I’ve installed the plugin but I don’t see any plugin settings area (I am currently using Genesis). Is there something else I need to do?

    • says

      There are no options :) Just installing should do the trick. The only thing that needs to be in place in Genesis installed and activated and the proper language setting in wp-config.php.

      • Eduard says

        I have the same problem and thought to found a convenient button in wp-dashboard for selecting my language (german). But no I need to work with wp-config.php ???? Where to find and how to use ans select ???

      • mariah says

        I haven’t done anything with the language setting, it’s just out of box. Is there something I’m supposed to change/add to the wp-config.php?

          • mariah says

            Sorry, I’ll try to clarify… I’m just looking for an easy one-click language conversion for the site (like the flag you have on your site in the upper right corner). Is that what your plugin does?

            And to respond to your other comment, how do I add a language in the wp-config.php? Is there code I’m adding/editing? Again, sorry for the basic questions but I’m a little new to this world.

            Thanks for your help!!!

            • says

              The language switch is nothing more than a custom menu list items linking to a different domain and using an image instead of text. Bit of CSS work really, nothing more.

              As to your other question, check out the WordPress Codex page on that.

  2. says

    I lost my German translation after 1.8 Genesis autom. update. On my homepage: now appears “you are here: Home…” instead of: “Aktuelle Seite: Startseite”.

    German mo. + po. files were uploaded weeks before in /wp-content/themes/lifestyle/lib/languages/

    and the following was included in functions.php of lifestyle before and well working since weeks:

    /** Load localization */
    load_child_theme_textdomain( 'lifestyle', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/lib/languages' );

    require_once( TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/init.php' );.

    My other site: is not updated till now to genesis 1.8. and child-translation is still working well. Is genesis update a danger for child-translations ???

    • says

      You should always load anything specific after the init, so in this case I think you’re going to be okay when you switch the two around.

  3. Szibilla says

    Hi Remkus,
    I’m a complete newbie and I was wondering why we should translate the Genesis workframe? What does it affect? I need a translation so that me or my client I’ve done a Genesis site understands it better, or does it influence SEO and everything as well?
    Thank you

    • says

      If your website is in an other language than English, I would assume you’d want to show your visitors a website in that particular language. So, that’s why translating Genesis is important and that’s where my plugin helps.

  4. says

    Hi Remkus, how are you? I ‘m using your plugin on websites that I created in Spanish using Genesis Framework, and I love it… but I have made ​​many corrections to your original Spanish translation of this plugin, I would like to send you the files. po and. mo, as a contribution to your excellent work.. I’m a freelance professional translator, I work on Fiverr and oDesk everyday… I do not know who made the original translation of the plugin but I found some errors in spelling, I wrote a few sentences in a language more simple & concise to make them much more friendly to the design of Genesis, but the worst thing was found some “omissions of the original text in English”. I hope you contact me…

    I have some questions, I want to know how you can add phrases to the plugin when it does not contain them?…

    Thanks, bye

  5. says

    I have registered in “Genesis Translations” website and I completed the translation to Spanish language of “Genesis Slider”. But I would like to contact you to ask some questions personally.

  6. says

    Congratulatios, this plugin works fine and was easy to install but… the word “”comments”” is not translated to spanish. :( you can see the bug on . Can you help us please? Thanks in advance!.

    pd.: The file es_ES.po in the plugin language folder is correct, says: “”% comments –> % comentarios””

    • says

      That is odd.. I don’t really have an explanation for that one. If it is picking up the other strings, but not that one, then the only place I think I could look is functions.php in hopes Comments is overridden there or something.

      • says

        I had the same problem and discovered that when I use Disqus Comment System, Genesis Translation Plugin does the Comments word translation correctly (in my case to pt_BR), but as soon the post list page is loaded it returns do original Comments word in english.

  7. says

    I’ve read your description above and all the preceding posts but I’m still struggling to understand exactly how your plugin fits in to peoples’ multilingual strategies. So let me state my understanding so far. I’d be grateful for any corrections!

    Scenario 1: I want to create a single language site (in a language other than English) using the Genesis Framework with a child theme.
    – Install your plugin – all languages in your list above are installed by default.
    – Set my language by updating some line in the file wp-config.php. (Is it obvious which one?)
    – That’s it.

    Scenario 2: I want to create a multilingual site (say English & German) using the Genesis Framework with a child theme.

    – Your plugin only works for a single site. I cannot dynamically change the language flag in wp-config.php.
    – I can use it only if I am using a separate site for each language.
    – In this case I need to set up 2 separate sites, one English and one German. Then I need to handcraft individual links from each page on the English site to it’s page on the German site? Probably not feasible…?


    • says

      My plugin looks at the language setting of your WordPress site. Doesn’t matter if that’s a single install (and it’s looking at wp-config.php in that scenario) or a site in your WordPress Network (in which case you have to change the language setting in your general settings page in your site dashboard).

      So to answer your question, the plugin works on any type of WordPress site .. just as long as your settings are set right.

      • says

        Long delayed reply here to you as I have just created a Multisite network based on subdirectories. I plan to use the Multisite Language Switcher plugin using Genesis and Minimum Child Theme.

        There are two sites, one English and the other German:


        As I have no mo or po files in my wp-content/languages directory, the Settings->General screen shows no option to set the site language on any of my network sites.

        Minimum/languages directory contains a minimum.pot file.

        So I installed your plugin at Network Admin level, then activated it at After this there was still no Settings->General language option.

        So my question is: Do I need to copy mo and po files to my top level wp-content/languages directory to get the Settings->General language option to show up, which will then allow me to set a site language and thus activate your plugin?

        If so, do I need just an empty po/mo file to be present in wp-content/languages i.e. what is the minimum I need to get this strategy to work?


        • says

          You’ll need to add the extra .po/.mo files found in the individual international WordPress versions to wp-content/languages/ so you can select per sub-site which language it should be in. My plugin will pick up that setting.

          • says

            Thanks, I’ve just exported and uploaded the Genesis German mo and po files from your GlotPress Translations site. Now my site front end is in German, but also some of the WordPress Dashboard items have changed to German as well…! I mistakenly thought that only the front end would be translated… :/

            BTW thanks for setting me up on Glotpress. I’ve started work on translating Minimum 2.0 to German. :)

            So it works but I’m still a bit confused as to exactly what is happening… From your original installation and FAQ I understood that your plugin helped to avoid all the hassle with mo and po files by picking up the translations automatically from your GlotPress site? Maybe this assumption is wrong…

            My question is: does your plugin pick up it’s translations from the downloaded language files in wp-content/languages? Or does it get them online from Glotpress?

            If it gets them from wp-content/languages, then I need to keep those language files up to date?

            BTW I would be happy to write some documentation of this setup process for you both for my own knowledge and for a complete newbie (like I was) to get them going with your excellent plugin faster. For example, the Genesis Translations MultiSite setup is very different (not based on WPLANG setting) and this is not yet in the plugin installation instructions or FAQ.


            • says

              Neither, my plugin only translates the Genesis stuff. It’s got nothing to do in that regard with the WordPress translation files.

  8. albigin says

    Hi Remkus,

    I’d like to edit some terms in the italian translation. GlotPress won’t allow me to modify any of those terms. Is there any workaround?

  9. albigin says

    Did it, no use. My editing isn’t accepted …

    How do you save your editing in GlotPress?

    Thx for being patient.

      • albigin says

        Did it, but no use. My changes are not active.

        In particular I was trying to translate “Speak your mind” (in italian:”Esprimi un tuo parere”) which in the current italian version was (or should I say is?) still in english.

        I downloaded from glotpress the two files (.po and .mo) you just updated with my editing, renamed them to it_IT (that is : it_IT.po and, uploaded them to wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/languages but I still read “Speak your mind” instead of “Esprimi un tuo parere”. Where was I wrong?

  10. says

    Hi Remkus

    Who is putting changes to a translation “on line”? I have made more than 100 changes to the Danish translation of Genesis 1.8 and they have been accepted. I am using your translation plugin and I works like a charm. But I would like to see the changes on my site. A lot of misspellings and not very good translations have been changed and I would like to show my users, that I can spell correctly. I’m a journalist :-)


  11. says


    We are developing a new site on Genesis framwork and there are some terms that aren’t translated. I’d like to add them, and I’d rather like to add them for all of us Swedes to benefit from. Problem is, I don’t understand where I do it… Please help!

  12. says

    Thanks for this great plugin. But I do have one problem:
    In the posts the dutch translation is wrong, can I edit it myself?
    It says: pietjepol beantwoord.
    It should be: beantwoordt, so with an extra t at the end.

    Hope you will take the effort to change it, or let me know how I can. I don’t like this error…
    Thank you in advance,


    • says

      Hi :) I’m afraid this is not part of the Dutch Genesis Translation, you can see for yourself here (you may need to be logged in to see the link).

  13. says

    he remkus, thx voor de plugins die je maakt! ik heb translation geïnstalleerd en loop tegen zelfde aan als sommige andere comments hiervoor. Ik heb de antwoorden gelezen maar begrijp niet helemaal waar die VERTAAL plugin zich toont.

    tis geinstalleerd en geactiveerd allen ik ‘zie niks’. Bedoeling is dat er ergens een keuze menutje komt (vlag) van waaruit de taal gekozen kan worden op de homepage toch?

    • says

      Hey TP,

      Nee, deze plugin kent geen instellingen. Enkel een automatische vertaling van alle Genesis teksten front-end en back-end. That’s it.

  14. says

    Some French words are not in French. I have WP 3.5 + Genesis Translation Version 1.7 Plugin + date in settings as Date Format – Format de date as 24 décembre 2012

    It still displays this: in English “POSTED ON DÉCEMBRE 4, 2012 BY “.

    Is it the plugin or the template or the WP version or…???


  15. says

    Hi. Remkus. Great work!

    I just purchased Genesis theme and want to use this plug-in to translate my site. My language is Japanese and I see it 77% ready with your plug-in.
    Now, what do I have to do after installing it?

    Thank you^^

    • says

      It did for Genesis 1.8, but the search text string changed in Genesis 1.9 and the translations haven’t been updated yet and thus the plugin can’t be updated yet. Will release it asap, but for now you can change that particular text with this snippet of code.

  16. says

    Help! I installed the plugin and now when I try to change the layout of a page (for instance to full width in a new or existing) or post, it just isn’t there! When I disable the plugin the options show again. Thank you for the help. great plugin!

  17. says

    Hi Remkus,
    I updated my website to Genesis version 1.9.1. Since then the Search field has no translated text anymore and also the search result page. Do you know what happens here? Thanks in advance for your response.

  18. says


    I’m looking for Slovene (Slovenia, not Slovakia) language plugin, but it seems like the plugin hasn’t been created yet.

    Can we work smomething out? :)

    Thank you.

  19. Alexei says

    May I suggest a localization tool that also has a plugin for translations in wordpress? It’s I’ve been working with it in a while and I am really satisfied with its capacities, You should give it a try.

  20. says

    Hi Remkus,

    Thanks for creating the Genesis Translations plugin. It’s great for quickly providing a localized theme to visitors.

    I was wondering what the best practice is for making tweaks to the translations. And I mean custom tweaks on a per website basis, not a change that would necessarily benefit other users.

    Is it possible to modify indivual strings, while still enjoying the benefits the plugin provides. Or do we need to pick between using the plugin or manually translating everything?

    It also seems that the ‘Read more…’ link for post introductions hasn’t been translated yet for the Decor Theme (nl_NL).

    Well thanks again for all the work you put into this plugin. I hope to hear from you.

  21. says

    Thank you so much for a great update! After installing it everything went right on my website when it comes to the spaces that was missing here and there in the Swedish translation. Now, the text is properly set. Nice and correct! And it flooded me with relief.
    I really appreciate your efforts and your work with this excellent plugin.
    Thank you.

  22. Violacase says

    Hi Remkus,

    I installed your plugin on a test multisite with Genesis 2.0 framework network activated.
    After trying to network activate your plugin it says:

    Whoa.. the translation this plugin only works, really, when you have installed the Genesis Framework

    Something to do with the new Genesis release?
    If so, can you tell me how to hack your code for the new Genesis release or can you give me a date your plugin is updated for Genesis 2.0?

      • Violacase says

        OK, works like a charm now. This means though that the root site of a multisite network needs to run with Genesis. I can live with that for the moment but would really like it if you could find a workaround for this issue.

          • Violacase says

            Hi, that’s not possible. Plugins only can be network activated. But I just found a simple solution for this issue:
            1. Activate Genesis for the root site
            2. Network activate your plugin.
            3. Change, if you need, the theme for your root site.

            The plugin keeps working for the subsites.

            So all is fine. Nice work btw!

            • says

              You can activate plugins per sub-site, but you have to activate that first here wp-admin/network/settings.php#menu

            • Violacase says

              Sure, you are right. After I submitted the comment I realized that, but too late, no option to edit my text :-)
              Keep up the good work!

  23. says

    Dear Remkus,
    My site is in French and I’ve downloaded and activated the language plugin. After reading all the questions and answers here, I was not able to find.
    1) Where exactly I can find the “wp-config.php” you refered to
    2) What change I need to make to have the theme run in French.
    In advance, thank you for your professionalism.

    • says

      If your site is already in French you don’t need to do anything else then active my plugin and your Genesis powered site will be in French. That’s it, nothing more to it.

  24. says

    Dear Remkus, my wish is to have automated links like: “search this site”, “leave a comment” and other titles like that be translated in French.

  25. Ivan says

    Dear Remkus,

    Although Russian is not stated in your blog as supported language for Genesis it works when you activate the plugin. However I would like to change some translations in it. How I can do that. I also tried to make a blank .PO catalog in \genesis\lib\languages\ by using Poedit but on some reason my localization didn’t hook up by Genesis. I haven’t figured out what I was doing wrong.

      • Ivan says

        Thank you Remkus. I tried to work online with the entries but it is not that convenient as in Proedit for me. That would be much easier if I could complete translation in Proedit and then send you .po and .mo files. But something doesn’t work. Could you he;p me figure that out please?

        So if I go with Poedit I create my new .po file based on provided genesis.pot, located in \genesis\lib\languages\ folder. I store my brand new .po and .mo files in the same \genesis\lib\languages\ folder and make necessary translations of the entries right there (by the way your online .po file has almost twice less entries than in the file generated from genesis.pot). When I created my .po I used base path as ‘one dot’ and paths as ‘two dots’ and looks like it updates and saves changes smoothly with these settings. I didn’t touch Sources Keywords as they stated in the genesis.pot but in the end I do not see the results of my work in the theme. Nothing changes when I continue translation of the entries. What I am doing wrong? Shall I move the files into \genesis\languages\ as it is usually used by other themes and plugging or maybe I shall edit some .php in the genesis first so it would have appropriate links to the default folder?

        Thank you in advance for helping out.


  26. TGuzSports says

    Hi, great plugin but there are a couple of words not translate in french. In the article, post by, the “by” is still there and Tags is not translated in french. How can I modify it Thanks

  27. says

    Hi^^ Mr handsome.

    I plugged in Genesis translation on my web and made it active but I cannot see any translation button appeared on my web. Do I need to do something else?
    I just want people in all around world can read my post in their own language.
    I hope I can meet people veeeeeeery soon.
    Anyway… You are really handsome. It is no kidding. Bye ^/~

  28. says

    Hi, you updated the plugin two times this week. In the first update you fixed two thing on the swedish translation, but when I did the last update it went back as it was before the first update..? There is two string on the swedish translation that needs to be fixed..

      • says

        Strange because it was perfectly fine some days ago before I updated the plugin…

        Here are 2 strings that isn´t correct any longer:

        “You are here: Home / Archives for Apple” –> not translated
        “Du är här: Hem / Arkiv förAppple” –> translated
        “Du är här: Hem / Arkiv för Apple” –> should be like this, missing a space.

        “Archives for ” not translated.
        “Arkiv för” translated.
        “Arkiv för ” should be like this.

        Search this website…

        this string doesn´t become translated. But I can se that it´s translated in:

        “Search this website” this is the string in the translation.
        “Search this website…” this is what I se on my site.
        “Sök på webbplatsen…” this is what it should look like.

        Or could it be that I am using the genesis sample theme? Thanks for all your work Remkus! I hope this could be fixed. Would really want this to work.

            • says

              I also notice that things broke in the Swedish translation after the last update. In the update before that, things that previously wasn’t translated into Swedish was translated (“Search this website…” and the 404 page for example), which was great. Now these are back to English again unfortunately.

            • says

              I confirm. In the french translation, the mention “search this website” and the 404 page are not translated.

              WP 3.8.1 / Genesis 2.02 / Genesis Translation

  29. says

    Hi Remkus, I solved the problem now. It was that the translation plugin read the mo-po-files from the old folder. I changed it from this folder ‘genesis-translations/’ to this ‘genesis20/’.

  30. farid says

    im using the default genesis child theme (genesis sample) and i cant translate it, i have the plugin installed and i still get the site in english, im from Mexico so i guess i should get it in spanish.

    any help pls.

  31. Martin says


    Thanks for your great plugin.

    However I am facing an issue: I must use Genesis translations 1.9.3, if I update to a newer version, some french translations are missing like “1 comment” instead of “1 commentaire”.

    I am using WordPress 3.8.1
    Genesis 2.0.2
    in my wp-config.php file, the language is fr_FR

    Thanks in advance.

  32. says

    Hi all,
    We had a similar problem with the french translations too. Some strings were not translated. We opened the .po file in poedit, runned a validation and it returned an error message for this string:

    “The Meta description and keywords fill in the meta tags for the archive page. The Meta description is the short text blurb that appear in search engine results.\”

    The translation was ending with a space. We removed that space, rerunned the validation and everything was correct. We saved the .po and everything is being translated now. I’d like to send you the .po possible.


  33. says

    Hi ! I am having issues with the french translation for few sites since i’ve upgraded to Genesis 2.0.2. Genesis remains in english even when i activate the plugin. WordPress is in french. Based on the last comments on this page, should i remove or add the = in this code ? : if ( version_compare( $version, $old_translations, '=<' ) ) {

  34. says

    Hi : same for me the french translation is not working anymore and we are a few on the plugging pages .. What is wrong ?

  35. says

    Anyway, could we expect for a new correct version of the famous Genesis Translation soon ? I still used with a correction in function file for the translation of the mention “Search…”

  36. says

    PSA: I’ll have an update in place by the end of this weekend hopefully tackling all the issues you guys are having with the fr_FR translation files.

  37. says

    I have just updated the plugin to version 2.0.6 and recompiled the fr_FR translations files. Let me know how this works out for you guys.

  38. says

    I’m french canadian… so normally we renename .po and .mo from fr_FR to fr_CA

    Could that be the reason why this extension is not working?
    I would like to keep my fr_CA

    any suggestion

  39. says

    Hi Remkus!

    I love your plugin and it has helped me a lot when starting a blog in Finnish language.

    However, it seems that the comment submission button has text in English (Post Comment), although it should be Jätä Kommentti in Finnish.

    How can this small detail can be changed?

    Timo Kiander

  40. says

    Hi, just installed this plugin. How do I know it’s working? I don’t see a translate button on the site and I don’t see it on my widgets panel. Does it translate automatically? If so, how do I really know?

  41. Jesus says

    I’m using “Lifestyle Pro” theme (Genesis) and I have installed the plugin “Genesis Translations”, but not all the text is translated (in spanish). For example, “Not found, error 404″ or “Sorry, no content matched your criteria”. I’ve tried to use the poedit to create a new catalog, but the file .pot of the theme only has 14 lines.
    How can I translate all the text?

  42. says

    I translated my genesis blog to spanish, It was magic. But in extracts “continue reading” “and “read more” is on english . Where can I translate?

  43. Jimmy says

    Hi Remkus,

    I know a little bit about editing code and would like to translate the pagination function within a genesis child theme. However i can’t find the right shortcode to edit this.

    Do you know which code i would need to add to my functions.php file?

    Would be awesome.

    Best regards,

  44. Kirill says

    Hi ! Can you tell if there’s a fix to update the word “By” to a french one “Par” in the post details. For now it looks like :
    19 novembre 2014 By xxxxx Laisser un commentaire (Éditer)
    I’ve spent hours and hours and still no way to find a solution… That’ll be a great help!
    Thank you!

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