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Just like many of you out there, I found myself publishing less and less over the last couple of years on my WordPress site. Not because I had nothing to share, but because I set the bar too high. Failing before I started, so to say.

This is how I fixed it: I added an extra Custom Post Type called Notes. Notes sound smaller like a Blog Post doesn’t it? Exactly.

Notes, or whatever you want to call them, lower the barrier. Short form, quick learnings, small How-To’s, they all go into Notes for me now.

But how to fix an stale blog? Because, yeah, that old last published date was annoying, so I included the Notes Custom Post Type into my regular feed. Problem solved.

When you now visit my blog, you’ll see it contains notes and blog posts. Glad I’m back in the flow with publishing thanks to this small hack.

Let me know if you’d like to see the code for all of this. I’d be happy to share it if you need it.

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6 responses to “My hack to publish more on my WordPress site”

  1. Andrea R Avatar
    Andrea R

    So, like a post format?

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Sort of, sure 🙂

  2. Tim Avatar

    I’d like to implement something like this as well, but likely don’t have the technical chops if it’s difficult. I recently got on Mastodon (and followed you after searching for #wordpresss) and am excited about it. Never liked corporate social media (aka the arms race of narcissism). Years ago I read about POSSE on indieweb, and the idea of using my own wordpress blog as a media channel where I would publish anything I came up with really resonated with me. I am just a user, though, not a developer, so implementation is slow. Thanks for the post.

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Thanks for you comment, Tim. An easy solution that would most likely suit your case is to use an existing plugin that adds a Notes Custom Post Type to your site. You can find it here:

      1. Tim Smith Avatar

        Awesome, thank you! I did this with a Category a while ago when I wanted to just post a photo that would then get forwarded to social media. This looks like a better solution.

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