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There’s different ways to link to your YouTube channel. Let’s take mine for example. It’s available at: But did you know you can also create a link that will result in a prompt on YouTube to directly subscribe to the channel? So a proper subscribe link.

Here’s How:

Time needed: 1 minute

Create YouTube Channel Subscribe link

  1. Find your default YouTube Channel link

    This should be as straight forward as going to your YouTube channel and while viewing your channel, copy the URL. In my example this is

  2. Add subscribe parameter

    All you need to do is add a “subscribe parameter” to your channel URL. That parameter is the following: ?sub_confirmation=1

    In my example, that would then look like this:

  3. Use that link everywhere you see fit

    Next up, all you have to do is use that link anywhere you like. That link, as mentioned, will not only direct folks to your YouTube channel, it will also prompt to subscribe right away.

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