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Since I’ve left page builders behind me, I’m only using WordPress’ Block Editor of late. These are the things I do in terms of settings in every single site to make it work best for me:

  1. Activate Top Toolbar – this moves all block navigation to a single bar on top (via the vertical … top right).
  2. When I need crunch time, like for instance when I create my newsletter, I prefer a distraction free mode (also via … top right). It’s called Spotlight mode.
  3. Focus mode. In that mode, I love it when the block I’m working on is in focus mode. This means that other blocks sort of go to the background.
  4. Activate List view. List view is activated on the left side of your top bar via the three dashes diagonally. It shows you the hierarchy of blocks in the editor. Use it to move blocks around easier, or see where you are exactly.
  5. Lastly, I hit the three dots stacked on top of each other to the right again and go to preferences. Each tab gets some love. For instance, I hide blocks I know I’m not going to use.

I know there’s plenty of Keyboard Shortcuts as well, but I’ve not found myself wanting to use them. I’m curious if you have any Block Editor tips I’m missing?

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