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I’m happy to announce I won’t just be going to WordCamp Switzerland, I will also be speaking! My topic of choice is titled “WooCommerce, but faster!”.

It will cover the following:

Remkus will cover everything about making WooCommerce faster. The things you have thought of, but also the things you have not thought of. 
Creating a fast and scalable site for high traffic influxes is something you can prepare for with ease, and Remkus’ talk will give you all the actionables you need. No shortcurts, no platitudes, just steps on how to set up your WooCommerce sites in the best way. 
Additionally, Remkus will also discuss best practices for ongoing maintenance to make sure your site keeps running smoothly, efficiently, and fast!

I’m excited to be going to WordCamp Switzerland again. It’s been too long! Check out the full schedule here:

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