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I’m a big fan of the whole IndieWeb movement. You own your content. Always. I believe we have a better future ahead of us when we start publishing our content independent of the big “news” outlets again like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’ve never looked into it, I’d start here.

Inspired by my good buddy Frank Meeuwsen, I’ve been wanting to indiewebify my Genesis child theme in such a fashion that it supports the required Microformat 2 markup perfectly.

Luckily, Genesis makes it quite easy to change its markup via a plugin. Will publish a full post here when I’m ready to publish my plugin.

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19 responses to “Genesis + IndieWeb”

  1. David Bisset Avatar

    Nice. Always like to share indieweb stuff on @post_status.

  2. Genesis + IndieWeb ⇢…

  3. Val Vesa Avatar

    Instead of
    <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" />
    try using
    <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_card" />.
    Or maybe see if @yoast has that feature. I’ve had a similar chat with @jdevalk last month, not sure if this is the same.

  4. Remkus de Vries Avatar

    I don’t think it is …

  5. Joost de Valk Avatar

    It is. Just change it under SEO -> Social, if the image is large enough it should work.

  6. Remkus de Vries Avatar

    Well, if it is, I don’t know what your reply here to my tweet was a reference to exactly, Val .

  7. Val Vesa Avatar
  8. Remkus de Vries Avatar

    Aaah, well, yeah, my notes don’t have featured images, so they would stay empty regardless of the setting (I think?).

  9. Val Vesa Avatar

    I think in Yoast you can still assign a “default” OG image, even if no featured image in the blogpost itself is present.

  10. Remkus de Vries Avatar

    Yeah, just saw that the setting for that was empty. Added one now and changed the Twitter card to the summary_large_card option.

    Thank you both for letting me know :))

  11. Val Vesa Avatar

    Is this automatically generated by Yoast? Seems the last bit is wrong. Should be ‘image’ not ‘card’.

  12. Val Vesa Avatar

    we can also DM 🙂

  13. Remkus de Vries Avatar

    Yeah, I changed it to that image. My need to find a better one, but at least it’s working properly now 🙂

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