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I recently needed to share a LemonSqueezy product link which already included the discount. You know, so it’s already applied to the checkout. The LemonSqueezy documentation is a bit scarce on this, but I figured out how to do it and wanted to share it with you all.

Time needed: 1 minute

Here’s how you bridge the two into one URL:

  1. Copy the Discount Code

    Find the appropriate Discount code inside your LemonSqueezy dashboard: into your favorite text editor. This is the discount code I am using: MINUS10PERCENT

  2. Copy the payment URL

    Find the link for the product to which the discount code is applicable, click the share link and copy this to your text editor as well. Mine looks like this:

  3. Copy this Product URL suffix

    We need the following suffix to combine the two values in the above steps:

  4. Combine them in the following sequence

    This produces a link that you can share. When you click on that link, the discount code is automagically applied. Try it here.

Hope this helps your scenario, but let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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