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Sorry about the corny click-bait title, but it’s the mood for today, so I’m just going to roll with it.

Over the summer I saw Lesley Sim tweet about a new plugin she was introducing and it peaked my interest! It solves a very particular niche, but one that needed a better solution than what’s out there currently.

Publish new content and then …

When you regularly post new content you’d love for you audience to find that content, right? So, in order to make that happen, you’ve no doubt created a newsletter for people to subscribe to.

But here’s the problem with that. You have to go into Mailchimp to physically publish those newsletters or use the ugly RSS powered solution. Both are not ideal. And this is where Newsletter Glue comes into play.

Easy set up

The plugin, in a very simple way, connects your site with your Mailchimp (or a few other newsletter services) audience list and integrates inside your editor quite smartly. When you’re getting ready to post your new article, just click on the checkbox to send that post out to list and you’re golden. Couldn’t be easier.

Just check out this video where Lesley explains the flow of the plugin:

I’ve already implemented their plugin on a couple of sites now. You even get some styling control over how your post is going to look as email.

All in all, I’m a big fan of Newsletter Glue, almost as much as Lesley loves pizza I think. There are a few things I’d like to see added, though.

  1. I’d love for a custom text area below the post being sent. It allows for you to add a CTA or some explanation.
  2. Not being able to use this integration on Custom Post Types is a bit of a bummer. Allowing for all content to be pushed out would be wonderful feature.
  3. Scheduled posts should be sent out as an email at the time the post is scheduled. Not when you schedule the post. Or so it seems they’re being processed.

But that’s it. It does what it promises wonderfully. Go and test for yourself!

Lesley reached out to me and let me know that all items of my list will be added in the short future. Today, October the 7th, every single item on my list has been added and/or fixed in the plugin. I am impressed.

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