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It’s been quite some months in the making, but I can finally say my Within WordPress podcast has been released. And when I say it’s been months, it has, in actually, been years. But you know, time and focus. You need both.

So, with that in mind, I’m elated to have it out there, finally. The first three episodes have been published. They’re featuring Jonny Harris, Till Krüss, and Matt Medeiros and they have turned out to be fantastic first guests! The episodes are about an hour long and full of learnings. A short summary:

  1. Jonny talks about the recent WordPress Core Performance Team achievements and does a lot of explaining of the WordPress’ core caching internals.
  2. Till, as author of Object Cache Pro (for Redis), explains in detail what object caching does and how it can help you.
  3. Matt and I discuss the problems we see in the WordPress media landscape and talk about hurdles we see left and right.

Check them out if that’s your thing. There’s a video version on YouTube, but if you just want audio, check your favorite podcast platform for Within WordPress and you’ll find it easily.

I have a lot of great content ready coming your way, and quite a few podcasts lined up as well. So, do subscribe!

Question for you all reading this

I have asked last week who you think I should have on the podcast. I’ve gotten quite a few good names already and lots of interviews booked in my calendar, but who do you think I should have on? And talk about what?

Let me know in the comments!

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