Mention: Mario Peshev

  • Performance, Performance & Big Things #079

    This was a big week. Lots of interesting things happening with WordPress 6.3 beta and discovering its features. But also with publishing another super interesting podcast, appearing on ​TWIW​, and sharing a big decision. Let’s jump into episode 79, hope you enjoy it! 🗞️ Inside WordPress News Here’s what I saw happening this past week:…

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  • Talking with Mario Peshev about the WordPress Ecosphere and Economy

    In this episode of the Within WordPress podcast, Mario Pechev discusses his experience in the WordPress community and the challenges faced in the e-commerce space. Mario introduces himself as a hybrid professional with expertise in various roles such as developer, consultant, business advisor, and serial entrepreneur. He is well-known for founding DevriX, a top 20…

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