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This is just a reminder to let go. To let go of things you’re not going to pursue. Of things that are never going to get the full attention that they deserve. Of things that are cluttering your todo list. Of things that you feel obligated to do because you once thought of them.

I’m a gatherer of things, a collector of things by nature. That’s my modus operandi. However, as much as I like to collect things, I’m also keenly aware of the power of letting go. So, to that end, I’ve let go of a lot of “things” to in the last couple of days and perhaps you’ll recognize some things to let go of as well in my list. I let go of:

  • Mindmaps of ideas I once had
  • Domain names I’m never going to find the time (read: priority) to pursue into actual projects
  • Draft posts I haven’t touched in a loooong time (think years)
  • Trello cards and boards full of ideas
  • Reminders in reminder apps full of things I “need” to do still
  • Notes in my notes app with information that is no longer relevant
  • The content of my Downloads folder
  • Old boxes which at one time contained iPhones, iMacs, etc.
  • Screenshots of things in my Pictures/images folders
  • Duplicate images on my devices
  • Any old pair of shoes that were extra to having one pair of backups for painting the house or something like that
  • Email subscriptions that I dismiss too regularly
  • Screws and other assorted metal thingies in glass pots
  • Keys to locks I, for the life of me, can’t remember where they belonged to.
  • Electrical cords, chargers, USB cables, etc. You know what I mean, you have one of those boxes as well!
  • Old phones that were already ancient in 2004
  • Papers no longer needed
  • Food ingredients that are way past their due date
  • Books I was never ever going to read
  • Clothes I was never ever going to wear anymore.

In other words, any and all things that cluttered. All of this I let go because it’s so much better to have a clear focus. And clear focus only truly works if the list is small.

So, what are you letting go of?

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2 responses to “Letting go…”

  1. Barbara Saul Avatar

    So many of these, too – thank you for the reminder, Remkus. I also have make-up that I so rarely use that it is just clutter now, notebooks that I keep in case I want to refer back to them, envelopes from over 10 years ago when such were useful but now would be better used by a charity, perhaps, but the glue has become brittle so I’m not sure how useful they would be, and birthday cards that fill the birthday box and have not been used for over a decade now! And this is with little thought to the subject. Perhaps a bit of Marie Kondo and “does this spark joy” is in order…

    1. Remkus Avatar

      I haven’t really looked into Marie Kondo, but for me letting go of these kind of things does not spark joy for me in the moments of letting go. They do, however, once I’ve let go.

      So yeah, happy to have helped you remind yourself there’s stuff to let go

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