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Just this last Monday I attended WordCamp Whitley Bay in the UK. Besides reconnecting with old friends and making new friends, seeing a small WordCamp of about a 100 attendees was a nice experience again. Great reminder that WordCamps don’t have to be these behemoths of a couple of thousand attendees.

With driving back on Tuesday, yes I love roadtrips 😅, it’s been a short week, but I’ve got lots to mention.

Today’s Inside WordPress is sponsored by WS Form. WS Form is not just another form plugin for WordPress, but a powerhouse in possibilities what it allows you to achieve.

So ​much more than just a form​.

🗞️ Inside WordPress News

Here’s what I saw happening this past week:

Thanks ​Sarah​ for sharing that link!

  • Convesio shared a very thorough overview of the ​history of WooCommerce​. Like, there’s really a lot of information about its history from many different angles there.

I enjoyed this one a lot!

I think this is a sign, just like HPOS is, that WooCommerce is quickly becoming a faster and more solid platform to work on. Not just “on”, but also with with external tools. The future of WooCommerce is bright IMO.

  • As soon as I saw ​this ticket​ I was kinda surprised this wasn’t already in place for the WordPress plugin repo pages.

🚀 Performance

This collective report team prioritizes the establishment and implementation of sustainability principles on the internet, with a particular emphasis on web performance. It should come as no surprise that a sustainable web is very closely connected to a fast web.

  • Felix Arntz ​shared​ the results from the WordPress 6.3 performance analysis based on 100,000s of real WordPress sites, with amazing outcomes: The enhancements from 6.3 improved LCP by almost 6% at scale, and for some sites even by more than 20%. Read all about it ​on the Make WordPress site​.

My favorite performance optimizing tools in WordPress:

🔆 Inside WordPress Highlight

​Mark Westguard​ of ​WS Form​ gave me a “quick” demonstration of WS Form, and I have to say, I was blown away with the potential here. It is truly avant-garde WordPress form plugin crafted for developers. It has huge number of templates and AI baked in. It’s the only form for WordPress to have a fully responsive lay-out editor, and a very robust debug console available in the market.

Doesn’t happen often, but I was blown away. Check out the ​Knowledge Base​ and you, too, will be amazed what you can build with this tool. Because, yes, it is a tool. It’s transcended above being “just another WordPress plugin”.

Some of my favorite WordPress tools:

💡 Interesting Finds

📖 What I am reading

Didn’t have much time to read significant amount of pages, but I did read these two longer articles:

🎁 Bonus

🎙️ This week’s bonus is ​the podcast I recorded with Joshua Wold​. We talked about the importance of proper onboarding new users to your WordPress plugins, themes, and really, any kind of solution that works with WordPress. Joshua offered lots of insights on where to focus your attention on. We finished with a great conversation on the WordPress Community as a whole.

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