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Ho Ho Holy crap, this year went by fast! It’s hard to believe we have the shortest day of the year behind us already. My word.

First of all, before I continue from the last newsletter on the future of WordPress themes, with the last newsletter of the year, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you to you all! I want to express my gratitude for all of you who support what I’m doing by subscribing, giving feedback, sharing my newsletters on the socials, and more. I feel blessed. It’s nice to be seen and heard.

🗞 WordPress News

There’s a few things that stood out for me in the world of WordPress these past days. Small things, but fun to share 🙂

  • Pavel Ciorici, owner of WP Zoom replied to Rich Tabor in a tweet with something I didn’t know we could do. “Such a pleasure to make use of functionalities included in 3rd party single-block plugins that can be installed directly from the editor. No more TGMPA dependencies. Love this part of Block Themes development.”.

He’s referring to anyone being able to help determine if certain WordPress plugins offering Blocks can be included in the Block Directory. There’s a tool that will help determine if a WordPress block plugin is suitable for inclusion in the Block Directory.

TGMPA was a great solution for as long as we needed, and perhaps in certains cases we still do, but this is a much smoother option. Love it.

  • A wonderful plugin by Ryan Welcher was released this past week. It’s called Advanced Query Loop. And it’s what the world needed.

As much as I love the Full Site Editing Site Editor experience, there’s one things that’s holding me back in creating. And that’s the lack of options inside the default Query Loop.

I mean, maybe not the only thing that needs improving, but I’ve found myself wanting to do more with queries than was possible. Sure, you can override the query in the page template or functions.php, but meh. Thanks for this, Ryan!

Really, what’s stopping you from experimenting and creating block based themes now? That’s a lot of options to choose from!

💡 Interesting finds

  • PHPStan is a tool that finds bugs in your code without writing tests. It’s open-source and free. But here’s another great usecase for it. How to find the files that are the slowest to analyze with PHPStan? Here’s how!
  • I discovered Rive. It’s a solution that allows you to create rich interactive content and run it anywhere. Interactive graphics anywhere. Check it out!

📖 What I am reading

In the spirit of wanting to do everything right, I’m currently reading Design For How People Learn. In a wonderful conversation I’ve had with Shawn Hesketh he recommended I read this book. The conversation was me asking him for any and all tips he had for me in writing and creating my courses. Thanks again, Shawn. I’ve already learned a lot from you, and from the book.

🎁 Bonus

My bonus for you this week is a song. A Christmas song to be exact. A Christmas song created, song, produced and mastered by my son, Roan. Hashtag prouddad.

Christmas is Here.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading, happy year’s end and see you next year!


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