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Welcome to another weeks of my ramblings. I like to think that they’re not so incoherent as the title suggest, but do let me know otherwise 😅.

Last week’s edition had a bug in the “Hi there” part. It was supposed to only show in the newsletter (that part went great), and address you with your first name (or use the fallback). Instead, everyone saw the merge tag. Fixing that today! Thanks for everyone that reached out, gave feedback and/or compliments. I truly appreciate it!

Let’s get to the meat of this newsletter, shall we?

🗞 WordPress News

I didn’t find a whole lot of WordPress related content, just one about essential resources for learning WordPress block themes. I dare not say who published that. You’re simply just going to have to click that link.

But here a few articles or bits of information you might enjoy:

  • BuddyPress is finally getting a filter that allows an easier way to make it a helluva lot more efficient with regard to what scripts are loading when. On top of that, it’s also getting support for .webp in the next major version. Nice. I like.
  • I’ve been meaning to publish an longer article about WordPress & AI for a while now, but as you can tell by the link, I finally did! Lots of information in there, and I’d love ot. get feedback from you as well.
  • Contributions to WordPress come in many different way, shape and forms. Sometimes it’s just as simple of bringing back 5 lines of CSS to one. Sometimes it’s as simple as just that. Good on ya, Brian!

💡Interesting finds

  • Wes Bos shared a great little CSS solution for displaying different size, different formatted logos with just a bit of CSS. I wasn’t aware of at least two lines of CSS he used. Check it out.
  • I’m continuing a bit on my WordPress and Mastodon newsletter with a critical piece on the very structure and setup of Mastodon. Aral Balkan explains there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And, on the Fediverse today, that appears to be “engagement when you’re popular.” In fact, it could be deadly (to Mastodon instances, that is). Main subject is Steven Fry’s move to Mastodon and the problems that go with someone with such a large following. DDoS type of stuff.

📖 What I am reading

  • Performance and its optimization lies in many different layers on the web. One of more niche (pronounced nish, ofc) is False Sharing. Lorin Hochstein writes about this problem they discovered at Netflix. False Sharing is a performance problem that involves caching. It’s a tradeoff between the size of the cache and its speed. If you’re a computer engineer designing a multi-core system where each core has on-core cache, your system has to implement a solution for the problem known as cache coherency.

Very nerdy, but also very interesting to learn about that side of performance. At least, that’s what I thought and why I’m sharing it with you all.

🎁 Bonus

Early next year I’ll be launching a couple of courses. They, in general, will be about making things fast on the web. If you’d like to know more and/or learn when I launch my courses, you can sign up for notifications here.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and let me know if there’s something I missed! I love hearing from you all!

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