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The word of the week is not WordPress related, but we can’t deny Mastodon’s revival. All of the last two weeks I’ve seen many of my friends on Twitter either rekindle their slumbering Mastodon accounts, or creating their first one. Today’s newsletter, as aposed to last week’s, is focused entirely on Mastodon and how WordPress fits in with that.

WordPress News 🗞

Mike didn’t let you guys down last week with his articles, right? I didn’t think so, so that’s why he’s being featured again in this newsletter.

You see, Mastodon is built with a couple of open protocols embedded and one of those is ActivityPub protocol. And that protocol can be integrated inside WordPress as well. Mike’s elaborated with designs and everything on what that would look like in, as he calls it, OpenPress. I personally would like to include anything the IndieWeb movement does as well. I’ve had the IndieWeb WordPress plugin that adds IndieWeb functionality installed on my site here for years, but it gave me issues when switching to everything FSE here. I will be adding it back as soon as I can.

I don’t believe Twitter will fail just because there’s a new CEO/Owner. Am I a fan of Elon? No, not at all. Was I a fan of Jack, or any of the other leaders over at Twitter? Also no. I created a Mastodon account 6 years ago because I believe in open data and owning your own data. It is with that in mind that I’ll be launching my own Mastodon instance. And I might open it up for others. Am still in research mode.

Interesting finds 💡

There’s ways to get your WordPress content published to Mastodon as well. Both George Hotelling and Donncha O Caoimh have written about it (Thanks Nathan for sharing those links!). Both are employed by Automattic, btw. In the context of Matt’s tweet, this could get really interesting:

That’s about Tumblr, but WordPress is then not far away in my mind. Own your data. At all times.

Also published a note on how to set up an AWS S3 bucket with Cloudflare.

What I am reading 📖

Finished Atomic Habits and have moved over to my next unread book in my library. There’s only a handful, I promise 😅. Currently reading The Trial and Death of Socrates. LMK if you’re familiar with it.

Bonus 🎁

AI really started taking off in 2022 didn’t it? *waves at Andrew Palmer over at as well*. Ben Tossell tweeted an interesting thread listing some of the greatest AI tools we learned about this year.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading!


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