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Well, as mentioned last week; WordPress 5.8 landed. Feature laden. I like it. Have you upgraded your site yet?

WordPress News 🗞

But, 5.8 wasn’t all that happened!

  • I’m not much of a fan of WP Tavern – nothing personal, I’m just not part of the crowd they’re writing for – but they did publish a good article that highlights a lot of the new features introduced in 5.8. Worth the read.
  • Tim Nash published a nice and simple plugin that’s perfect for when you need it (Duh!). It’s called WP User Sentry and it sends an email to the email address in a user’s profile each time they log in with the session info. If something looks off, you will know if someone else is logging in as you. Tim’s plugin reminds me a little bit about Email Post Changes.
  • At one point I thought one of my side-projects should have its own side-project (yeah, don’t ask), but the time has come to merge those two sites into one. Upon searching for what the smartest way to do that is, I was reminded of WP Merge. Here to make your WordPress database merging easy.
  • CSS Units cheat sheet for your next WordPress project!

Interesting finds 💡

  • If you’re selling software, WordPress plugins for example, you may have seen people trying to find nulled versions of your plugin. Florian wrote about how he handled that for one (maybe more?) of his plugins in a thread on Twitter.
  • Lemon Squeezy was launched this week. A new contender for selling digital products. Selling digital goods, subscriptions, and software licenses has never been this easy, they say. And given who are involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s zero % marketing bullshit.

What I am reading 📖

Christopher Butler wrote an thought-provoking article about how hiring for skills is mostly bogus. He says, hiring for soft skills is better, and claims hiring for principles is ideal.

I’m curious to see if you agree with him!

Bonus 🎁

Calvin asked Twitter what the best video editing software was that was “not iMovie” and it seems the agreement has settled on Davinci Resolve being just that.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading!


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