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Well hello there! Another Tuesday, another newsletter! How ’bout that?! Turns out, last week’s newsletter didn’t get properly sent out, so today you can have two for the price of one!

This week was kinda quiet, but as always, I managed to run into some things I’d like to share with you.

WordPress News 🗞

Here’s what’s happening in the WordPress Community worth mentioning:

  • Nathan and Paul from the wonderful WP Builds podcast asked me to join their WP Weekly podcast yesterday and I must say, I’ve enjoyed being on this episode quite a lot. You can listen to the episode here. One of the topics I mentioned was our stance on sustainability and green hosting over at Servebolt. And as you can image, we have a bit of different, more holistic approach to what sustainable and green hosting should be about.
  • Justin Tadlock published an article on how “Contributing to Open Source Is ‘Better Than Any College Degree’”. And I find that a disappointing article to read. I agree that a degree is not a hard requirement to for many dev / code jobs, but this is spreading the message that just contributing to WordPress would be a replacement for education. And that’s just simply not true. Computer Science degrees are not just about learning how to code. Or contribute. There’s so much more to that. Right. Moving on.
  • Nick Diego wrote a cool post about how to disable responsive columns in the block editor. Good read and interesting to see how his approach in CSS works. I like it.

Interesting finds 💡

Csaba Kissi shared an interesting Twitter thread with a couple of cool browser extension doing various things for people touching frontend (CSS) and development tools. And as a side-note, even though he shares them in the context of Google Chrome, you can totally use them for Brave as well. Your favorite privacy friendly browser that works exactly as Chrome but, you know, with privacy.

What I am reading 📖

I’ve started and finished reading 1984 again. I’ve now moved on to reading Brave New World again and once I’ve done that, I will read It Can’t Happen Here for the first time. I think you can imagine my reasoning behind it. Would love to learn if you’ve read any of these?

Bonus 🎁

Saving Capitalism is an interesting documentary I recently watched. It’s essentially about the rise of lobbyists and the power they hold over democracy. I promise you it goes way further than you can possibly imagine.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading!


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