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WordPress News 🗞

WordPress 5.8 is well underway with the 5.8 Beta 1 being ready for testing. I’m especially excited about the Pattern Library finally being included! What’s your favorite new feature?

  • WooCommerce merchants can now list their products across Google. Any WooCommerce store owner now has the ability to easily integrate their product inventory across Google in just a few clicks, and for free. All you need is have you this WooCommerce add-on plugin installed and you’re good to go.
  • In my previous newsletter I mentioned ACF being acquired by Delicious Brains, but today I’d like to highlight a super sweet add-on to ACF called ACF Theme Code Pro. Just makes integrating ACF fields into your theme so much easier.
  • Another ACF related new item: ACF Extended saw a nice upgrade to their plugin which I’m a big fan of. Maybe you will be too?

Interesting finds 💡

  • The blockchain and its connected crypto coins intrigue me to bits. I’m excited with how that technology stands to solve a lot of problems we see in the world today. One wonderful example is WordProof which allows you to create a timestamp for any type of content you publish on your WordPress (and Drupal now!) site. Another example I saw this week was the ability to use the blockchain for Single Sign-On (SSO). It seems this is accidentally solved by Ethereum. “Sign-In with Ethereum” is, or could be the future of login for every app on the Internet, crypto-related or not. In fact, it’s already the norm for Web3! Check out this Twitter thread for more info.
  • Did you know you could apply custom styles to bullet points with CSS?

What I am reading 📖

I’d like to share an interesting essay I read this week (at least I think we can call this an essay) from my friend Caspar about sustainability. The title, “Sustainability isn’t someone else’s weather” perfectly captures the message and I encourage you to read it because it’s about a lot more than just what you connect to sustainability.

Bonus 🎁

Not one, but two bonus links for you today!

  1. This data about eating behaviour is interesting. It offers a lot of insight into food consumption at the national level. National being United States so that skewed in a particular direction, but interesting information nonetheless!
  2. A baby born in 1533 in Dillenburg Castle would become responsible for 90% of color contrast issues on Dutch websites.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading!


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