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With WordPress 6.3 hitting RC status, it seems to have been a bit quiet in the news front in the world of WordPress. I wonder if that’s to do with everyone waiting with their news when 6.3 actually hits the streets 🤔.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what I’ve gathered this week!

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🗞️ Inside WordPress News

Here’s what I saw happening this past week:

I highly recommend you check out this explainer!

Spoiler alert: it does!

This to me was a very special year since I did a roadtrip with Roan, ​my son​, to Athens from the Netherlands. Three day drive back and forth. This was the first time Roan was a volunteer as he was part of the photography team. #prouddad

🚀 Performance

  • The Washington Post published a voluminous subsite full with their insights into Web Performance and SEO Best Practices and Guidelines. ​As they see it​.
  • WordPress’ Site Health feature offers great insight into, you know, health metrics of your site. For our ScanFully app that we’re building, I did some research on Twitter/X where I’d love for you to chime in as well, {{ subscriber.first_name | strip | default: “friend” }}.

My favorite performance optimizing tools in WordPress:

🔆 Inside WordPress Highlight

  • Faster websites, we all want that right? My friends at ​NitroPack​ not only offer a great solution that helps you get there, but they’re also ​organizing a webinar series​ together with Google! The first webinar will focus exclusively on Core Web Vitals and will be loaded with smart strategies to help you find the fastest version of your website.

Signing up is free and can ​be done right here​. You don’t want to be missing this one!

Some of my favorite WordPress tools:

💡 Interesting Finds

Based on the clicks I see reported in my ConvertKit broadcasts, it’s clear you all love a CSS trick here and there. I got two for you this week:

  1. A ​subtle fade-in sticky navigation with shadows​
  2. ​Change the background color of a checked checkbox​!

📖 What I am reading

I’m already a convert. I’m not using ReCaptcha anywhere for any of my clients. I’ve all moved them over to Turnstile. If you need a good read on why you should want to do the same for the site you manage, ​here you go​.

I love that ​Gravity Forms​ has that integration built in now, btw!

🎁 Bonus

Very niche bonus, today. Setting upload limits on WordPress Multi-site can be tricky. ​Bernard did a great write-up​ on how to tackle this beast within a beast.

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