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It’s been a crazy week with Cloudfest as my absolute highlight, followed close by Chris Lema subscribing to my newsletter. If there’s one person I look up to in the land of WordPress + Content (and more!), it’s him.

So, edition 065, and closing in on 600 subscribers 🤯. So if you’re new here: welcome!

Beautiful Quote blocks for your WordPress content. Designed to be easily shared on the socials. That’s what DLX Plugins does with its Quotes DLXTruly unique as it is fully customizable and themeable.Today’s Ramblings are sponsored by DLX Plugins.

Also happy to see the positive feedback on my switch to ConvertKit. Well, except for Lesley. But given the fact she runs NewsletterGlue, I understand 😅. Anyway, let’s jump in this week’s Ramblings!

🗞️ WordPress News

I have to start this one with Matt Medeiros’ blog post/video from yesterday:

It’s a topic I see a lot a people in the WordPress space carefully navigate around. Folks like Brad Williams (OMG two mentions in a row!!) are more vocal about their marketing tactics, but it’s something that was in need to be discussed.

I’m still gathering most of my thoughts on it, but I will say this: I think Matt’s point mostly alignes with my own. Having said that, I will add that I have seen the same problem Matt raised happen with a lot with WordPress focused hosting companies. And this has been going on for years without anyone calling them out publically.

Either way, I think it’s a good subject to read up on and let me know what you think!

I hold Nick in the highest of regard and his announcement where he’s talking about moving the Pro features of his plugin into the free one is absolutely admirable. For the right reasonsGo check it out.

🚀 Performance

Two articles of interest for you this week:

And I must say, if we bring this in WordPress context, I pretty much have the same opinion. There’s a place for Headless WordPress or any static version of WordPress, but great hosting and application (WordPress+plugins) architecture has many advantages still. Performance being one. Hmm, I should blog about this, shouldn’t I 🤔?

💡 Interesting Finds

I mean… 🤓

🔆 WordPress Highlight

  • This week’s highlight is a simple plugin I needed this week for a client. It is called ”Automatic Featured Images from Videos”, and I think you understand perfectly what it does from that title.

What I am reading

This week I’d like to share something that’s not necessarily a long read, but it does lead to lots of extra reading. It’s a post shared by Jenny Wong on the Human Made blog about how to build your writing skills for developers.

Essentially this is a push to everyone, not just developers IMO, to blog more. We seem to have lost that ability with the rise of the various social media channels. But we need to write more. On our own domains. Anway, I hope you enjoyed reading these resources as much as I did.

🎁 Bonus

I’ve been following Dr. Huberman for a few years now. And if you have no clue who he is or what he is about, I would start here. But, my bonus tip of this week is a sort of summary of the science-based tips he has shared of the vast amounts of hours of podcasts. In a twitter thread by NootBro.

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