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Today’s 92nd edition of Inside WordPress is created from my usual desk in Ljouwert. Not from fancy German conference centers, or nothing. All this to say, WordCamp Germany was great, but back to normalcy once again.

Hope you enjoy today’s edition, dear reader!

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🗞️ Inside WordPress News

I’m sure you’ve seen the plethora of links about WordPress 6.4 in the previous edition. With ​RC2 released​ this past week as well as the ​6.4 Field Guide​, I’m going to be adding a couple more links. For good measure.

I just hope Jamie also knows to pace himself when the situation requires it.

Absolute love what Marcus is doing with this project!

I think “long awaited” is the proper term here? 😅

🚀 Performance

  • ​Debouncing and throttling​ are two techniques used to improve web application performance by reducing the frequency of certain events like scrolling or typing.
  • Great article again on Smashing Magazine. It’s about how to diagnose and fix 3rd-party bottlenecks that slow down your pages and hurt. Love the title: ​The Fight For The Main Thread​.

My favorite performance optimizing tools in WordPress:

🔆 Inside WordPress Highlight

  • Ever heard of ​Omnisend​? It is a pretty cool tool to use with your WooCommerce store! They’ve designed their services to help e-commerce businesses drive engagement and increase revenue. How? Well, they help you build your email and SMS lists, send targeted campaigns, create automation workflows, and track your results – all from within your WordPress dashboard. ​And you can try them for free​!

Some of my favorite WordPress tools:

💡 Interesting Finds

  • Speaking of nifty, I found another tool that qualifies. It’s called ​Vectorizer​ and it converts your JPEG and PNG bitmaps to SVG vectors quickly and easily. Fully Automatically. Using AI.

🎁 Bonus

🎙️ I’ve just published what is my longest podcast to date. I tell all my guests that the intent of the podcast is to have a conversation. And a conversation, rather than a normal interview, means I expect questions as well. Not every guest finds that easy to do, but Jonathan Wold took this to heart 😅.

Almost 80 minutes long we talk about curiosity, the WordPress Project and his incredibly large undertaking with Guildenberg. Nope, not Gutenberg.

Hope you ​enjoy listening to this podcast​ as much as I loved recording it!

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