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My favorite number in the whole wide world is 13. And since this is edition 67 of my newsletter, and 6 + 7 is 13, something big had to happen. I didn’t have to think long about what that was going to be.

It’s been brewing with me for a while now, but I have pulled the trigger and changed the name of this newsletter to Inside WordPress. ”Remkus’ Ramblings” has served its purpose, but it was time to for a change.

It’ll still just be me. And still my news and opinion alone, but just a new name. Thank you  Noel ,  Alex , and  Davinder  for validating my change here.

🗞️ Inside WordPress News

I always enjoy catching up with  Joe , and catching up with him at WordCamp Switzerland was great per usual. But what stood out was what he showed me what he and Noel had been working on. A ChatGPT integration that not only generates content, but more importantly, the markup code that goes along with it. Think of it in terms of knowing what kind of landing page you want, and then telling ChatGPT to not only deliver you the content, but also the markup around that content.

This is the kind of LLM integration I get excited about!

I am a sucker for tutorials, but even more so when there’s sound reasoning used.

🚀 Performance

In today’s Performance section I have two great blog posts for you:

Two excellent reads that should provide you with lots of stuff the check out over this Easter weekend.

💡 Interesting Finds

  • Alex Bouma shared  Lago  in  a twee t. It is an open-source metering and usage-based billing solution.
  • Arvid Kahl  shared  his favorite tool for turning images into vector-based graphics. It’s called  Vectorizer .

🔆 WordPress Highlight

What I am reading

I found myself reading this  Twitter thread analyzing Twitter’s algorithm  and what it means to you if you’re active there. Especially combined with the comments, this thread is pure gold.

🎁 Bonus

My bonus for this week is a theme. Specifically Brian Gardner’s Frost theme. It is a super complete, but lean and mean (Full) Site Editor theme that’s super well built.  Check it out !

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One response to “Can ChatGPT finally code proper?! – #067”

  1. Henk Avatar

    Happy with Frost reaching a final stage. While trying it out on a simple site I discovered that it is not 100% compatible with Multisite. For example it is not possible to set the frontpage in settings >> reading. Only way I could edit the homepage was by editing the Home template. That is a bit disappointing.
    Does anyone know a location where the development of Frost is discussed online? I would like to know if there are plans to make Frost more usable in MU sites.
    More usefull info:

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