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There are more than 700 of you receiving the 71st edition of Inside WordPress now 😳. But also 🥳.

My podcast was well received as well, so that’s good. I have some exciting guests lined up and I’m releasing the next batch of recorded guests this coming week. More information on how and where to subscribe  can be found here .

Anyway, let’s get cracking with the news, eh?! There’s lots to share!

🗞️ Inside WordPress News

Here’s what stood out this past week:

  • Benjamin Intal’s team released  WP Block Tips . It’s dedicated to share valuable tips about how to use the Block Editor.

I wish we would see more resources like this pop up! Our WordPress Community needs more folks to blog about WordPress and share tips and tutorials. It’s one of the biggest drives for growth in our community!

  • Mike McAlister (finally) released Ollie. It’s a very slick and complete FSE theme.  Demo is just 😘 

I’m secretly hoping Mike will find himself back into the theme business again. You know, like he did previously with Array Themes.

  • This week I learned about  Pinegrow . It’s a web editor that alllows you to work (faster) with HTML, CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, GreenSock Interactions, WordPress and WooCommerce.

It was shared by  Dan Anderton on Twitter  where he indicated he’d been using it to build  YouTube influencer Ali Abdaal ’s website with it. Looks like a very interesting tool with quite a different approach.

That, right there, is a game changer. Love it.

  • Marcus Burnette shared a resource full of artificial intelligence (AI) resources and tools – specifically made to be used with WordPress. It is called  WPAI Universe .

🚀 Performance

It’s something Jonny and I talked about in our podcast as well.

My favorite performance optimizing tools in WordPress:

🔆 Inside WordPress Highlight

Easily the biggest annoyance in the Block Editor for me. Solved ✅

Absolute 100% agreed.

Some of my favorite WordPress tools:

💡 Interesting Finds

Bring. It. On!

📖 What I am reading

I am finally done with  Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness  and will move onto the next book, but not just yet. Too many videos to process this week 😅.

🎁 Bonus

More reading for you 😅. Victor Ramirez shared  the best paper to read on understanding the limitations of LLMs  (AI).

That’s it for this week’s edition of Inside WordPress. Thanks for reading!

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