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Welcome to round 61! The one that combines with my age rounds up to a perfect 110. And that’s the exact percentage of effort I give this newsletter each day.

So… how’s that for a bridge? 😏

This was an extremely busy week for me as I launched one of the largest projects in a long while. But, still managed to find some interesting stuff for this week’s edition, so let’s dive in!

🗞 WordPress News

Here’s what I saw pass my radar this week:

  • I was reminded by Torsten Landsiedel of a great solution to convert tweets and YouTube videos into privacy friendly versions on your website. It’s called Embed Privacy.

Plus, this plugin will make you page slightly faster as well. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Anders Norén is one of my favorite WordPress theme builders. Anders announced he updated all this themes–and there are quite a few–to be fully compatible with all the block goodies we received with WordPress 6.1 . Things like fluid font sizes and the updated theme.json.

Highly recommend you check them out. They’re solid and free. What’s not to like?!

🚀 Performance

Ashley Rich recently announced Deployment Hawk. I had missed the launch, but caught some chatter about it this week. It’s a tool designed the be a site deployment monitoring tool last week. Monitor critical pages and track key metrics that impact site performance, SEO and accessibility.

With that, it’s a great site monitoring tool that helps you to keep you in check with any and all impact changes for new deployments. There are more tools like this, but I like what Ashley is doing here. Maybe you do too?

Something similar-ish is User Flow. It combines Lighthouse with in your CI.

💡 Interesting finds

  • Grafana is a tool I think I’ve heard of before, but I haven’t really researched it. Saw it again this week and wanted to bring it to you attention as well. Grafana is your dashboard for any and all operational data you might have. If that sound like “a lot”, you’d be right. It is amazing what you can do with it. One of the things you can use it for is pipe in your server logs and properly analyze what’s going on on your server/ sites. Check it out and see if it’s something you can use in your projects and workflow.
  • Bardeen is a cool tool I’m playing with this week. It’s a tool that allows you to automate your manual taks. I could explain it better, but I think you’re going to want to see this video. It explains it much better than I could put it into words.

📖 What I am reading

I’m still reading Heather Burns’ book on Privacy. You should too.

🎁 Bonus

Tiny Helpers. We all need them from time to time. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice overview of them?

That’s it for this week’s ramblings. Thanks for reading!


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