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Seems like the world of WordPress is ramping up on news and updates. It’s almost like everybody wants everything to be published and released for WordCamp Europe 😅

I’ll be roadtripping from my town in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands to Athens next Sunday over together with my son. Really looking forward to both the roadtrip, as well as meeting with you.

Let me know if I’ll see you there!

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Making changes to a WordPress site without testing them out can lead to a disaster, that’s why before making changes live on your site you should create a staging site first.

A staging site is a copy of your live site that’s set in a private environment allowing you to test out plugins.  InstaWP  is an ultimate time saver and easily the best solution for creating a portable staging environment.  Try it for free here .

I was very happy to see the positive feedback I’ve received on my Accessibility highlight in the previous Inside WordPress edition. Taeke Reijenga even reached out saying they’re extending their ” pay what you want ” deal till today. So, if you haven’t jumped on board,  now’s the time .

Here’s what I saw happening this past week:

  • WordPress 6.3 is coming our way!  Rich Tabor listed  what it will ship with: Site Editor content editing, Command palette tool, Styles & Pages Site Editor menus, Site Editor Title Bar, New Details, Table of Contents, and Footnotes blocks, Better Top Toolbar, and a Refreshed Link UI. You can find the  full list in the roadmap to 6.3 article .

For which of these are you most excited about?

  • What is happening to WordPress in the context of AI is huge. Lots of very big implacations left and right. In that light, Human Made is organizing an online event called  AI for WordPress .

Yours truly will moderate a panel. You should probably want to attend.  More info here .

  • I get asked this question a lot: ’What is the best WordPress hosting”. And instead of answering it straight up, I went ahead and recorded my answer and  published it on YouTube .

I have made the decision to always record myself answering such questions going forward. Don’t mind repeating myself, but it had better be with a link, right? 😁

Lots of great insight can be found in the answers as to what people struggle with WordPress.

I’m not sure what I think about this. Like, what problem is it trying to solve here?

🚀 Performance

  • Jonny Harris  highlights a great ”TIL” . As of WP 4.6, you don’t have to call load_plugin_textdomain/load_theme_textdomain in your theme or plugin. WP using just-in-time translations & loads translations when they are needed. Calling these functions can decrease performance

 Full explanation is here .

  • With the announcement that INP is due to become a full Core Web Vital next year, optimising your responsiveness should be on all developers mindset over the next year. On Google published  How to Optimize Interaction to Next Paint (INP)   explaining just how to do that.

My favorite performance optimizing tools in WordPress:

🔆 Inside WordPress Highlight

  • Gobinda Tarafdar released his first WordPress theme called  MrWriter . It’s a nice simple theme. I love it.

Some of my favorite WordPress tools:

💡 Interesting Finds

  •  Recast  is a tool that turns articles into easy-to-digest podcast conversations using AI.

I mean 🤯

📖 What I am reading

A nice twitter thread by one of the co-founders of Github. I learned quite a  few things I didn’t know. 

🎁 Bonus

The bonus I’d like to share with everyone is a tweet that was missed by most.  Ronnie Burt shared some of the new things  slated for Gravatar. Yes, Gravatar is getting updates! I couldn’t believe it myself either.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Inside WordPress. Thanks for reading!

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