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This is a very interesting question asked by Jamie Marsland. Personally, I’d say it’s slightly above 2, but it needs to be a full 3 as soon as possible.

Interesting question because context matters. I’m obviously quite savvy when it comes to WordPress, and I’d say, for me personally, it’s a good 3. Why?

Well, I’ve built Block plugins for it where I needed them, and with Advanced Custom Fields Pro, that’s super easy to do.

I’ve also built two full FSE themes in the last two weeks for clients who are absolutely not savvy when it comes to tech. But here’s the interesting part… 

Both clients have given their super positive feedback based on working with it for a over a week now. Now, obviously, I’ve created excellent screencast tutorials for them to follow, and have offered extra support where needed, but they are managing just fine. 

So yeah, it depends on how you look at it, but there are plenty of scenarios where it works just fine. Even for clients that are not tech savvy.

Here are some Block Themes I’d consider using, or at the very least playing around with:

BTW, I’ll be carrying over this FSE knowledge into my upcoming WordPress Courses

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