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For quite a few years I’ve been working with WordPress. Mainly developing and designing sites, but I also like to help out in the mainly the Dutch WordPress Community. I’m the admin of WordPress NL and WordPress Fy, also administrator for the Dutch WordPress forum and doing my part for WordCamp NL. And I love contributing in that fashion. You know, in the spirit of giving back to the WordPress project. Even though that seems like quite a bit already, I really like to contribute more.

I’ve jotted down a few things I’d like to accomplish this year. My list regarding contributing to WordPress consists of the following:

As you can see I’ve crossed through the first item on the list ๐Ÿ™‚ I have released my first two WordPress plugins about a week ago and my also updated one of those plugins to version 0.2. Both plugins are very similar as they both add a menu to the Admin Bar introduced in the WordPress 3.1 version. I have created plugins for clients before, but none of them saw the public light. The two plugins I created add resources to either the Genesis Framework by StudioPress or WooThemes resources.

Feels good to see people actually download something I’ve created. I don’t care if it’s not in the thousands, but anything above 25 downloads is OK in my book ๐Ÿ˜‰
Do check them out:

  • Genesis Admin Bar Addition
  • WooThemes Admin Bar Addition

I hope you enjoy using them as much I as have creating them.

Note: it’s been more than 12 years since I published this post and added this note. But, these two plugins are no longer published.

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10 responses to “Giving back (more) to the WordPress Community”

  1. Boone Gorges Avatar

    Very cool, Remkus. Yours is a great example to follow: giving back a little bit to a software community that enables a lot of us to make money. And congrats on the plugin releases!

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Thanks Boone, your comment as well as your contributions are much appreciated!

  2. Luc De Brouwer Avatar

    I did a similar post ( ) not too long ago. It feels good to give back to the WordPress community. For me the next step is organizing some WP Meetups in the southern parts of the Netherlands ( Limburg & Brabant ) and I hope to be able to get more people excited about WordPress this way!

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Cool. I’ve spoken at WordPress Meetups and WordCamp NL already, but I too would like to organize a WordPress Meetup in the North of the Netherlands ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Danny Avatar

    Nice ‘resolutions’ Remkus, like you’re not already contributing enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also good to see you’ve released your first two plugins, definetly looking forward to more plugins crafted by you.

    On a small sidenote: I’m missing a link to the plugins in the repo in your plugin posts. Had to take a google ride for it.

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Thanks Danny. Appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and I just realized myself the links were missing. Added them a couple of minutes ago.

  4. Vivek Parmar Avatar

    Wow that’s great. I’m also working on few things like building genesis child theme + headway skin + headway leaf + catalyst skins and wordpress plugins + themes.
    WordPress has changed my life and i’m loving it and want to see it on top as compared to other CMS

  5. […] de Vries, besides having my new favorite name of all time, also wrote up a blog post about giving back to the WordPress community.A few new sites started up recently as well. WPSecure is a new WordPress security-focused blog. […]

  6. Adam W. Warner Avatar

    Hi Remkus,

    I just landed here following a WP Candy link. It’s great to “meet” you and I can also agree that giving back to the community just feels good:) I wrote an “Ode to WordPress” post awhile back that you might enjoy and a few months ago released my first plugin (although it still needs some improvements) and spoke to new WordPress user at WordCamp Miami.

    I’m also excited to learn of your Genesis Admin Bar plugin, I find myself using Genesis more and more, and this plugin looks great! Thanks for your contribution:)

    1. Remkus Avatar

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment Adam. Appreciate that.

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