Fan herte lokwinske 🎈

If you were wondering what “Fan herte lokwinske 🎈” means, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been using this for the last couple of years in most cases where I was congratulating someone. Be it on Facebook or twitter or somewhere else.

I’m Dutch and that leads most people to believe that “Fan herte lokwinske 🎈” is Dutch, but it is in fact, Frisian. My first language is Frisian (Dutch second, English third etc) which is why I’m choosing to say “Fan herte lokwinske 🎈” over “Hartelijk gefeliciteerd”.

In case you’re wondering, the literal translation of “Fan herte lokwinske 🎈” means something like “A heartily wish of luck”, but really, it just means that I congratulate you on your birthday. It could, however, also be for something else celebratory like an anniversary or something like that.

By now you must me thinking, “Cool, but what’s the proper reply in Frisian?”. Well, I’m glad you’re asking and the answer is very simple: “Tige tank!”. Or if you want to go truly native, you could go with “Tige by tige!”.

Hope this helps 🙂