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By now you should be aware that WordPress 3.0 comes shipped with Custom Post Types. It’s a feature that may not be easy to grasp at first, but it holds almost infinite power over what you can do with WordPress. Custom Post Types are not set in stone as to what they exactly are. It’s more important you realize that they can represent any type of content you want. WordPress already ships with several post types such as posts, pages, attachments and even revisions, so it’s basically up to your imagination what you can do with it.

There are three sources about Custom Post Types I think you all should read to get a better grasp of what it can do for you. I’ve heard people say that the new WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types feature is really not all that important, but I’d like to show them different by presenting you these three great sources.

  1. Justin Tadlock wrote an extensive review about custom post types explaining in great detail what they are, how they behave and what you can do with them:

    Don’t be confused by the term “post” in the name. It is actually an extremely generic term and should not be considered the same thing as a blog post. If you prefer, you can replace it with “content” instead.

    Visit Justin’s site for more information.

  2. The second source I’d like to bring to your attention is by Konstantin of kovshenin.com. Konstantin also demonstrates with some inspiring examples how to bend the custom posts types functionality to your liking. To give you an example:

    One more example – a Real Estate Agency, same story – Pages, Blog Posts, News stories, property For Sale, property For Rent, Land for sale. The last three would contain extra taxonomy in forms of Country, Region. Custom fields such as price, total area, etc. The Edit Property page could even contain a Google Map where you could point out its location!

    Visit kovshenin.com for more information

  3. The last, but certainly not the least source I’d like to run by you is about the Custom Post Types UI plugin by Brad Williams. This plugin enables you to create custom post types without having to code, if that’s not your thing. Or as Brad puts it:

    This plugin provides an easy to use interface to create and administer custom post types in WordPress. Plugin can also create custom taxonomies. This plugin is created for WordPress 3.0.

    Visit Brad’s site for more information.

So, with all that information taken in now, what do you think the Custom Posts Type feature can offer you?

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