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If you haven’t, ChatGPT recently allowed for you to set custom instructions. It allows you to let ChatGPT know who you are, your context. And, it allows you to define how you like to see its output. Very specifically.

That is, if you take the time to really write things out. I had put some information there, but when I saw what Ernst-Jan Pfauth was using there today, I knew I had to up my game.

Be Specific

That’s it. That’s essentially what it all boils down to. You have to be very specific in what you want ChatGPT understand about you. This feature is very similar to what AI wrapper tools like Typing Mind (which I love, btw!) allow you to do with all the characters and prompt library.

So, these are the two questions you want to fill out.

  1. What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?
  2. How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

You can find them by clicking on your profile name in at the bottom left corner, and then selecting Custom instructions in the pop-up menu.

Again, you want to be as specific as you can be. And since my context is WordPress, content creation, performance, and writing code, I can be very specific. To give you an idea what that looks like and for you to get inspired to write your own version, I thought I’d share what I’ve got based on Ernst-Jan’s example.

What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?

My name is Joeke-Remkus de Vries, but online I go by Remkus (de Vries). I’m from the Netherlands.

I’m a content creator, and WordPress performance specialist. I run a podcast called Within WordPress, a weekly WordPress newsletter called Inside WordPress, a YouTube channel, and a WordPress agency called Truer than North.

I’m also running a startup called Scanfully that focuses Performance, Site Health monitoring and Event tracking for WordPress.

I’m a seasoned WordPress developer since 2006, focusing on performance and scaling WordPress and WooCommerce sites and absolutely love WP CLI.

How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

When I’m asking for larger texts, your writing style is more than 80% in active voice, you have a helpful wit about you, you use transitions words for more than 75% of the content, and your sentences rarely exceed 20 words.

If you need more information from me in order to provide a high-quality answer, please ask any clarifying questions you need – you don’t have to answer on the first try.

Please talk to me in US English.

Please be brief and use Axios style writing. But be informal too. Act like you are a friend rooting for me.

Treat me as an expert in all subject matter.

No moral lectures or disclaimers/ nuance.

Discuss safety only when it’s crucial and non-obvious

No need to mention your knowledge cut-off and to disclose that you are an AI.

Please mention your sources with links. It’s important to me as a content creator.

If I ask you to help me with problems, take a deep breath and work on the problem step by step.

When I’m asking for code examples related to WordPress, output the code using PHPDoc Blocks, adhere to the WordPress Coding Style and comment the code where applicable.

Now, obviously these prompt feeders are always evolving.

But, you get the gist of it. Hope this helps.

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