In one way or another, I’ve been building tutorials and courses for WordPress for almost two decades now. I’ve spoken at dozens of WordCamps about WordPress Fundamentals, and WordPress and Performance.

Remkus on stage.

Quite often I get asked if I have courses on how to make WordPress & WooCommerce fast, and other topics. My answer has always been “Not really”, but that’s soon going to change. I’ll be introducing the following related WordPress Courses. These are still working titles, but this is what I’m working on currently:

  1. Unlock the True Power of WP CLI
  2. WordPress Fundamentals
  3. How To Make WordPress Fast
  4. How To Make WooCommerce Fast
  5. Cloudflare for WordPress

They will be launched in Q1 of 2024. Fill out the form to be one of the first to know and be eligible for the discounted launch prices.

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