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I just got back from a very special weekend with lots of new insights to take home with. One of them is changing my eating habits. Not that my current one isn’t good or healthy for that matter because we’re already eating rather consciously. This means eating pretty much only white meat and not too much of it, biological food, whole wheat, no pork, no milk… You know, the usual 😉

I’m going to add a few to that list and I felt the need to publish them here. Why? Because I made a promise I would and putting it out there makes it easier for me to stick by it. Not that I wouldn’t otherwise, but consider it form of putting it in writing. Even if it is the virtual kind. So here it is:

  • Stop drinking alcohol for at least 6 months
  • Cutting down my meat, eggs and animal proteins even more. Max 2 times a week
  • Taking better care of my body by juice vasting at least a few weeks these coming 6 months.

So there you have it. Never thought I’d go meatless, but this is getting very close to becoming a vegetarian. Very close indeed.

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2 responses to “Changing my eating habits”

  1. melanie Avatar

    We recently purchased a VitaMix 5200 (fancy blender) and LOVE it! It may be a useful addition to your kitchen gadgets if you don’t already have similar. Check out their website if you’re interested in seeing what makes it different from a regular blender, juicer, or food processor.

    -We make “smoothies” with the oddest fresh ingredients, for example :

    -Broccoli, Beets, Radishes, Carrots, Kale, Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Flax Seed…. with some Ice and a little Water… All the items put in skins and greens included (except the banana of course) The kids LOVED it! Couldn’t get enough!!

    And unlike a juicer that separates the fiber from the juice… it pulverizes the fruit/veggie such that you keep all the FIBER without it tasting like a thick pasty mess.. which is essential to a smoothly operating digestive system!!

    We’ve ground our own whole grains into flour and made bread, we’ve made ice cream, and are looking forward to making soups once the weather cools.. the motor is so powerful on this blender you can even cook the soup with it!!

    Well, there’s my plug for a product I can stand behind and support to anyone seeking to improve their diet and health!! Check it out!!

    1. Remkus Avatar

      We have a blender which I had been using to make protein shakes and now serves duty as a convert-anything-to-smoothies-please thing 😉

      You guys sure do throw a bunch of stuff in there .. might need to get more adventurous with the combination and stuff. Thanks!