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On most sites with multiple authors you actually want the author link in the post-info above the content to go to the author archive. However, on some occasions you might want to link to the author’s link. To do that you simply have to edit how the post info is generated.

What we’ll do is use the post_info_filter to alter the output.

By using the [[post_author_link]] you’re using the link in the author profile instead of the default author archives link. Using this method you can, as shown in this example, also rearrange the text with different words or a different order of words.

Note: The Genesis Simple Edits plugin is recommended for those that would like to use this technique without editing child theme files. Add the following to the Post Info section:

By [[post_author_link]] on [[post_date]] [[post_comments]] [[post_edit]]
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2 responses to “How to Change the Author Link in Post Info”

  1. Matthew Ogston Avatar

    Thanks Remkus, i’d been trying to work out how to do this for ages!

  2. Oksana Frewer Avatar

    Thanks, Remkus! That’s exactly what I was looking for!!!!!